Do you know High School History and Geography?

It is now a well established stereotype that Americans have no comprehension of world or even their own history and the world that holds that history. This will be a quiz to prove that you are not a dumb American, but an American that can break the stereotype.

Are you a stereotypical American as most people would think that is not smart enough to pass a fifth grade math test? The subject however is History and Geography and is made for people with a high school comprehension of the topic. If you want to prove yourself to be intellegent enough to pass a high school test, take this sample quiz.

Created by: Brian
  1. What event sparked the US involvement in World War II?
  2. Which Spanish Conquistador was responsible for the fall of the Aztecs?
  3. What is the capital city of Turkey?
  4. What event(s) occured in 1492?
  5. Which British politician tried to appease Adolf Hitler before the start of World War II?
  6. Which civilization called itself the "Third Rome"?
  7. Where were the roots of Buddhism?
  8. Which event prompted the start of the Spanish American war of 1898?
  9. Who was the first Mexican President?
  10. Which Chinese Dynasty unified China for the first time?
  11. Which of these events occured first?
  12. What event carved up Africa to differnet European imperialist powers?
  13. Which empire conquered at one time a quarter of all people and land on the globe?
  14. Which of the following is an example of an isthmus?
  15. Which civilization existed in the Andes Mountains?
  16. If you are in the city of Casablanca, you are in the nation of...
  17. The spread of Christianity in Europe occured in largely due to..
  18. Which South American country is completly landlocked?
  19. In 1905, the Japanese Navy defeated this nation,
  20. Which US President was the first to be impeached?
  21. Which nation has the largest population of Muslims?
  22. Current News: What is the name of the current Chinese President
  23. What Muslim dynasty dominated India?
  24. Which German leader unified Germany?
  25. Which nation is considered to be the only nation continent?
  26. What were the causes of the French Revolution
  27. What was the significance of May 8th, 1945.
  28. What was the name of the social system in Medieval Europe
  29. What was the significance of the Industrial Revloution?
  30. Last Question. Complete this quote, "Those who do not undertand history are doomed to (______) it."

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Quiz topic: Do I know High School History and Geography?