What HIgh School Personality Are You?

Every high school has different cliques. Girls as teenagers often drift between groups of friends and many girls are unsure which group they belong to. So take this quiz to find out which group you are!

This quiz will give you an insight into which one YOU belong to! Geeky, weird, slutty?? Or Popular, Fashionable, Funny, Cheeky? There are many possible outcomes, so just answer as truthfully as you can peese!

Created by: loz
  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. How many boyf's have you had?
  3. Do you volunteer answers in class?
  4. Would you ever be seen outside with day hair day, with no make-up on or with unfashionable clothes?
  5. Are you always the centre of attention?
  6. Are you quite witty?
  7. When you go out with boys, do you kiss them straight away?
  8. Do you say yes to every boy who asks you out, even if you don't really like them?
  9. What do peeps do when you just talk to them without a particular reason?
  10. Do you love shopping?
  11. How do other people describe you?
  12. Fave shops for clothes and make-up?
  13. Why do teachers like you?
  14. Which phrase do you agree with most?
  15. Ask someone to choose an answer without you seeing. Are you best described as...

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Quiz topic: What HIgh School Personality am I?