What group or aliens are you in mass effect 3

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do you understand the whole mass effect world this is a test for you. do you know Shepard's year of birth. the home worlds, the year earth discovered life

so do you know everything about it this your time to show it and prove people wrong about it so do this quiz and show everyone or your friends you know MASS EFFECT 3

Created by: Tman

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  1. you are a squad of a elite group that survived a crashed transport. you got one engineer, 2 snipers, 1 scout, 3 troopers,and one medic, and theirs enemy's coming in to your position will you do
  2. you get a evac call and they tell you they need help but they are underfire what will you do
  3. you chose what will you do
  4. what planet are you from
  5. do you like tobys mass effect 3 litreal
  6. do you think the ending was bad
  7. whos your favorite race
  8. what mercenary group do you like
  9. when did the alliance first find life
  10. what year was Shepard born

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Quiz topic: What group or aliens am I in mass effect 3