The Mass Effect 2 Trivia Quiz!

There are many smart people, but few true Mass-Effect 2 Fans. Mass Effect 2 is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is Mass-Effect 2? Mass Effect 2 Is A Game Where You Kill Bad-Guys.

This Is A Quiz For All Of You Hardcore Mass Effect 2 Fans Out There! Do You Think You Know THAT Much About The Game? Take The Quiz And Find Out!!!!!!!

Created by: trfhdgfcvtgf

  1. What Is The Last Name Of The Main Character?
  2. What Is The Name Of The Krogan On Your Crew?
  3. Who Are The Main Enemies In The Game?
  4. What Is The Name Of The Space-Ship That The Main Character Is In Control Of?
  5. What Is The Name Of The Turian Crew Member?
  6. What Is The Name Of The Space City Where The Council Is Located?
  7. What Is The Name Of The Organization That Brings The Main Character Back To Life?
  8. What is The Name Of The Last Boss?
  9. What Do The Main Villains Of The Game Look Like?
  10. What Does The Last Boss Look Like?

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