How much do you know Wendy Mass?

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Have you ever heard of Wendy Mass? Do you love her? Yes, I do too. She is an accomplished author with many books and series. After you read one of her books, you are screaming for more!

Do you know that much about her? Seriously, could you be a Wendy Mass Maniac? Well, the real question is, are you as good as me? Well, you'll find out!

Created by: Abigail

  1. In which year did Wendy Mass' book The Candy Makers come out?
  2. Who is the Main character in every soul a star?
  3. Who is the Main Character in Finally?
  4. What is one of the privliges the main characer got sice he/she was 12?
  5. In which book does Wendy Mass explain a disorder that is real?
  6. Where did Wendy Mass get an inspiration for Leap Day?
  7. What role does Josie want in her school pay? (Leap Day)
  8. What is Tara's last name in 13 Gifts?
  9. What song is running through Tessa's head in gym class? (Heaven Looks alot like the Mall)
  10. In Repunzel, the One with all the hair, what it the Prince's name?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Wendy Mass?