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  • What genre of music are you?
    Your Result: Hippie/Psychedelic Rock 66%

    Trippy, man, you've definitely earned this title. You probably wouldn't harm a bee and wish you'd gotten the chance to go to Woodstock. Hey, but don't sweat it, man, these people'll come around, then there'll be a second fest just as good as the first.

    58% Ska
    50% Punk
    48% Soul/R&B
    46% Pop
    40% Rap
    36% Elevator Music/Muzak
    28% Classic Rock
    4% Metal/Hard Rock

  • Your Result: Punk

    You're probably just as lawless as you can be, but nobody can hate you for that. You're a bit of a trouble maker, though, hey, at least you stick out from all of the other losers around you. People admire you for your individuality and ability to have a good time.

    Sounds about right. xD


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