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  • cant wait to see my lovely cutie honey pebble. we av always desired for a gorgeous girl and am in love with her already.. thanks a lot and prays it comes true.

    yayira kenu Mar 10 '16, 10:27AM
  • This was an awesome quiz I can't wait to have a girl! BTW I am not old enough yet but in the future. I am 14 teen now in a few years. BTW I am supposed to be sleep
    I also took another quiz saying having three kids

    Theboondocks Oct 7 '15, 2:45AM
  • I know I want a girl but how do you know?

    kindkittycat Jun 22 '11, 3:58AM
  • What Gender Will Your Future Baby Be?
    Your Result: Baby Girl!

    Congratulations! You will have a beautiful baby girl! Be sure to give her a gorgeous name, and don't forget to dress her in one of those super-cute pale pink dresses! X
    Baby Boy!

    7777777 Apr 27 '11, 9:51PM
  • i have always wanted a girl i hope this quiz really comes true!!

    rainbow Apr 22 '11, 7:27PM
  • my result: GIRL!!
    that is sooo true bc i want all girls which seems kinda crazy to some ppl but that's really what i want:D

    Sunshine 98 Apr 22 '11, 6:30PM
  • girl

    lorelie Apr 21 '11, 6:16PM
  • a boy i have always wanted a boy

    bvb rocks Apr 20 '11, 5:05PM
  • A boy!!! Too bad I'm not having kids, lol.

    EmraldYE Apr 20 '11, 6:30AM
  • A girl. Shame cos I'm never having kids :) My brother put me off for life all that crying and screaming...

    sammierox1997 Apr 20 '11, 3:08AM
  • Baby boy :3 After a while, I want two boys lol ^^

    tomboykaitie Apr 19 '11, 7:07PM
  • Oh a boy!I would like a 2 boys and 1 girl doe

    cats Apr 19 '11, 1:05PM
  • Baby girl! Though babys suck , to much crying!

    Sims addict Apr 19 '11, 9:47AM

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