What Finding Nemo Character are YOU?

Finding Nemo is a great movie. With twists, laughs, and family hug moments, it keeps every audience smiling! In society, 4 characters of people emerge: Nemos, Dorys, Marlins, and Bruces!

Now, a revolutionary quiz has emerged: Which character do you most resemble? Are you a Nemo? Are you a Dory? Are you a Marlin? Are you a Bruce? The truth WILL come out!

Created by: Dory
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You see another kid cheating off the smartest kid in the class. YOU:
  2. You are:
  3. Your best friends invites you to a CHURCH lock-in. YOU:
  4. The Music Video most resembling your life is:
  5. Your favorite sport to watch is:
  6. Favorite type of dog
  7. An elderly adult walks by the lawn you're playing on. YOU:
  8. You love:
  9. Your favorite food is:
  10. Your high school grades were generally:
  11. You knock over a glass of milk your dad was drinking after he left the room. YOU:

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Quiz topic: What Finding Nemo Character am I?