What fader on the WCDB console are you?

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You sit near them and touch them all the time. They are the faders on the WCDB console. But what do you REALLY know about them? And which one describes you? This quiz will tell you.

There is no point to this quiz, and no right or wrong answers. You should take it if you have an abundance of free time and a willingness to feel disappointed at the end, as if what fader you "get" really matters.

Created by: Joe Schepis of WCDB.org
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  1. You know a lot about music MOSTLY because you:
  2. What is your favorite FCC channel?
  3. How old is Bill Goss?
  4. You start playing a 10 minute song at 5 minutes before the hour. How do you handle the Legal ID?
  5. What brand of transmitter does WCDB use?
  6. Where is the best place to hide your empty beer cans in the WCDB studio complex?
  7. What is The Night Owl's favorite band?
  8. How much would WCDB weigh on the moon?
  9. If you lined up every WCDB DJ together at the same time:
  10. How do you turn on the transmitter?
  11. What is the best way to waste 10 minutes of your life and clutter up your friends' Facebook news feeds with nonsense?

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Quiz topic: What fader on the WCDB console am I?