Which Nintendo Console Is Right For You?

Everybody (well o.k. not everybody) loves Nintendo. Their library of great games, their innovations in the video game industry, and their great consoles. In fact, Nintendo's game consoles are fairly cheap today.

Have you ever wanted to buy a Nintendo console? This quiz will tell you which one based on your opinions and preferences. (Please note that the systems in this quiz are as of July 2012)

Created by: StitchedHeart

  1. Do you like 3D or 2D games?
  2. Do you like innovation or would you rather stay traditional?
  3. Do you want to play with your friends?
  4. Do you like FPS games?
  5. Do you like arcade games?
  6. Do you like RPGs?
  7. Do you mind violence in your games?
  8. Do you like having generally popular multiplatform games?
  9. Did you enjoy that era when systems' libraries generally had mostly exclusive games?
  10. Lastly, are you willing to buy your console online?

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