How much do you know about Nintendo?

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Take this Multiple Choice Quiz to see how much you know about Nintendo,the most popular Nintendo Gaming Console Franchise!!!! It Introduced some very fun stuff!

This will tell if you know nothing,some things, a little,a lot a whoooole lot, or absolutely everything! Enjoy this spam because of stupid limits! Jsjsisjnsnsjsnz!

Created by: NewSavageGuy757

  1. What is Nintendo’s Mascot?
  2. What is the Most Popular Nintendo Console?
  3. When Was Nintendo Founded?
  4. What’s the most popular Nintendo Game?
  5. Who Is Mario’s Sidekick(s)
  6. Did Nintendo Create A Movie?
  7. When Did The Nintendo Entertainment System/NES come out?
  8. Why Did Nintendo Release The NES
  9. What is Nintendo’s Most Popular Character?
  10. As Of Dec 4,2018,What is Nintendo’s Most recent Console?
  11. What is the FIRST Nintendo Console That Had Motion Controls?
  12. Which is the Most Popular Koopaling?
  13. When did Nintendo start going handheld with touch screen?
  14. Which Nintendo Console is Shaped like a Cube?
  15. Which Nintendo System has the 3rd Super Smash Bdos Game?
  16. Where did Lemmy get his name from?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Nintendo?