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A lot of people know their video games. Some are total geniuses, but-unfortunately-there are so many that cannot even grasp it! If you take this quiz about the Nintendo Wii, you'll see if you're smart..or not!

So, are you a video gaming genius? Do you have the brainpower and reading skills to pass this super hard quiz? Now, you can take a quiz that I made. I want to wish you good luck! It is really hard for some of you. Read the website:!

Created by: Andrew

  1. When was the Wii first released?
  2. Is the Wii available in all stores?
  3. What is a multi-directional pad?
  4. The Wii nunchuck consists of ___ buttons.
  5. _______ comes bundled with the Wii.
  6. The Wii's losing competitor is whom?
  7. The Classic Controller has the same controls as a(n)_________.
  8. You use the Classic Controller in what games?
  9. Wii is pronounced how?
  10. Wii is made by ______.

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