what next gen console is best for you

this quiz will tell you what system you will like the best.The answers will be 97% correct.Are you ready to get started.all of the consoles are good in there own way.

What console is best for you PS3 WII or XBOX 360.If you take this short questionare you will find out.Maybe then you can start playing Super Mario Galaxy Halo 3 or God Of War 3.

Created by: Bubble

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you care about Graphics alot?
  2. Do you want a reliable system that is Good.Or a system that is not very reliable but is Very good.
  3. Do you mind paying for an awesome online experience.Or a good free online experience.
  4. Do you want alot of features or not.
  5. Do you want a large console that looks really good or a smaller console that looks ok.
  6. What sounds more appealing to you PS3 WII or Xbox 360
  7. Do you want Childish games or Violent games.
  8. What other systems do you have.
  9. Do you laugh whenever you hear LEROY JENKINS!
  10. Are you a Halo fan. A mario fan or a God of War fan.
  11. did you like this quiz

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