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  • This test is ridiculous.

    First things first: I am from Germany where English is the secondary language. We learn it from grade 3 onwards until we graduate. We also learn business English if we go to business school. When I graduated I was one of the best students and had a 1,25 on my graduation papers.

    2.: There are 2 questions about yourself in that test which we cant answer. There is a 3 in 4 (or 4 in 5, I cant recall) chance we get said question wrong which influences the outcome of this test in a negative way and the person taking the quiz has to have luck in picking the right answer. If youre not from the US or N./S. America you also most likely wont know that Boston is not a State but a City which is also unfair.

    3.: Canadians can speak English well. It all depends on how youve learned the language and how invested you are/were.

    4.: Not all Brits say mate and the other words you listed. Also the British accent doesnt exist. Its like saying there is an English accent which, you hopefully know, is also non-existent. (By that meaning there are many accents in many different languages. Germany alone has more than 16 dialect groups.)

    5.: Only because Ukrainian and other Slavic countries dont conform to the latin alphabet it doesnt mean they can not learn, understand or speak the English language.

    All in all these questions are not acceptable as well as the end results arent. Youre set up for failure and in the end you might even become victim of ethnic discrimination.


  • Your English knowledge percentage is 81%!

    You probably have an Australian or a British accent.You use words like mate,chap,porridge,or trousers

    Well ngl, most people around me say I have an American accent but Ive only visited the U.S. about 5 times and people assume I was born there or even a dual citizen.Not trying to be cocky but Im A Filipino with Chinese decent but I speak English more fluently then a classmate of mine who is half American and she mocks me for my accent and always assumes that I always have trouble in Tagalog which is true but she always thinks I never really learn during Filipino class

    These are just my thoughts, wanted to get them out :/

  • Your English knowledge percentage is 68%!

    You probably have an Australian or a British accent.You use words like mate,chap,porridge,or trousers.

    That is pretty interesting because I did not know I could possibly have an Australian or "a British" accent. I sometimes say mate or bro or dude to my friends but that doesn't rule how my accent is.. right? I feel bad for those who got stereotyped lol. I laughed so hard reading comments to the point I thought I was dying. Anywho thanks for making my day more lighter and I can always go back at these and smile/laugh because I love the people correcting and swearing for the stereotypes this person who made this quiz said. Good day mates

  • You racist a-hole. This is ridiculously stereotyped. I've been to America, lived in England for most of my life and moved to Australia last year. I've also been travelling around Europe, and my best friend is Chinese. I've also met some Japanese people, too. NONE of the stereotypes apply. NONE. Don't be stupid.

  • Your English knowledge percentage is 67%!

    You probably have a Canadian accent.Your English isn't perfect,but you do know English well enough to communicate with someone that knows the English language well.

    What? I was born in Canada, and English is my first language. I speak it well. Also, to COMMUNICATE with someone? Honestly, what the heck.

    Some of these questions are kind of dead giveaways to where you are from, specifically number 5.

    5. Where Are You From?
    United States or North/Central America
    United Kingdom/Ireland
    Australia/New Zealand...

    There's more, but you can go back to the quiz if you wanted to see it all.

    **Spoiler alert!** On question nineteen, you can rule out Boston. It's not a state! Massachusetts is, though.

    For question eleven, (When you say you,does it sound like "you" or "yoo"?) I wasn't really sure what it meant. The first option is just the normal spelling, and I was a little confused. The second option was okay, though.

    If you take the quiz again, but answer none of the questions, th an you'll get a notice that you haven't yet answered the questions, and then this:

    Your English knowledge percentage is 1%!

    Your English is very poor.You are most likely from a country that doesn't speak a language near English such as Ukraine.You probably can't even make out an English statement without leaving one word of your native language out.You need to learn wayy.. more English before you even begin to build up an accent.If you want me to be honest,you have a laughable accent. :D haha..

    The last part is simply mean. Was the ":D haha.." really necessary?


  • My one said I have an Australian or British accent.

    I was born in Australia but I don't say chap or trousers, I barely even say mate.

    The other thing is that I don't know what English level I have because every year the report card changes and I can't keep up.

    Also why did you add the question where it asks where are from because that instantly tells you where pretty much and there are other questions that can narrow down your options like "Do you say sweet, candy or Lillie" or even to narrow someone all the way down to for example Australia you ask "Is this a thong or flip flops".

  • 64%

    You probably have a Canadian accent.Your English isn't perfect,but you do know English well enough to communicate with someone that knows the English language well.

    It did correctly guess where I am from, although it is wrong that my English isn't perfect it is the only language I know, I dont speak french.

  • 64% and Canadian Accent? Im from England, know English well enough to communicate with others who speak the language I have spoken English my whole life, have only been out of my country once and dont even know the Canadian Accent.

    Some questions dont make sense, and the score for 2 questions is based on how well we know you??

    Im English but dont say mate or anything.

    What the heck does the you or yoo question mean?? And I pronounce English as In-glish which is how it is supposed to be pronounced? Im just confused.

  • This quiz was quite funny, but not exactly true. Im Irish, and trust me, I know from experience that your idea of an English/Irish accent isnt nescesarily true, and the same goes for any accent, Chinease, Australian or whatever. people always think I have a leperechaun accent, but this couldnt be further from the truth!

    funny quiz, though! =)

  • This quiz is highly incorrect. I'm British (Londoner to be specific) and if there's one thing I know, there's nothing called a British accent. There's thousands and thousands of accents around Great Britain and wow, do you honestly think all Brits say "chap, porridge, mate"?? You're stereotyping all of us. Offensive, really.

    • Yes!!! I agree so much! People say I have a country accent and I kinda find it offensive.

    • I honestly agree, Britishtramp!

  • Alright first of all, you included questions about yourself that had nothing to do with the quiz so they had no reason to be here.

    Second, the addition of racist stereotypes of how people (especially asian people) talk is very rude and unnecessary. I cannot tell if you are a minor who doesnt know any better or if your just a racially insensitive dick.

  • Your English knowledge percentage is 75%! 75%

    You probably have an Australian or a British accent.You use words like mate,chap,porridge, or trousers.

    Actual ly, there is a reason it's called english. Inhabitants of the US or Canada didn't speak english until the english people got there, it was native languages only. So my english is at 100%, not 75% lol

  • I'm Herbert from Uganda many Ugandans don't speak English well but I have a British accent maybe because I'm an African with a white man's blood in my veins.Maybe I'm a descedant of Jorge Edward Wilson????

  • I agree with LusciousLocks.

    Oh, and am I the only one who thinks British and Australian accents sound nothing alike?

    It was still a rather funny quiz!
    -CharlChar l,

    • They definitely don't. An Australian attempt at a British accent is as laughable as an American attempt. Even then, Great Britain has a lot of different accents. Same with Australia. There's not just one British accent and one Australian accent. For example, I have a southern English accent, and definitely don't sound Scottish even though Scottland is part of Great Britain

  • I tell you, I am Malaysian and I speak Malaysian English. (A mixture of British English and American English and spoken by Malaysian.)But this quiz tells me that I am a Canadian!

    • Thats exactly what happened to me I tell them I am new Zealand/African I speak english and Afrikaans (the South African version of dutch) But It tell me Im freaking Canadian which is literally on the other side of the world as I live in New Zealand.

  • You probably have an Australian or a British accent.You use words like mate,chap,porridge, or trousers.

    I'm american...

    Jack Attack 1995
    • I'm Australian... and I DO NOT say mate, chap, porridge or trousers like whaaaaaaaaaaat...

  • Your English knowledge percentage is 63%! 63%

    You probably have a Canadian accent.Your English isn't perfect, but you do know English well enough to communicate with someone that knows the English language well.

    oh my gosh the quiz got it very wrong i am a caucasian south African

    who lives in new Zealand so i have a kiwi accent with a hint of a dutch/south African dialect and it says i have a Canadian accent and that i don't know english well but i have (not even bragging) the biggest vocabulary of ENGlISH in the class. your probably thinking TMI but i'm very frustrated yes i speak Afrikaans but english is my first language so ngl, this test is little faulty

  • Boston isn't a state you bloody idiot!

    • Here here
      Good show old chap

      In other obvious news the sun came up this morning

      Over all I think it's a nice quiz

      Donut Lord
  • Your English knowledge percentage is 71%! 71%

    You probably have an Australian or a British accent.You use words like mate,chap,porridge,or trousers.

    i'm canadian... eh..

  • Yes I do have a British accent, I live in the UK, yet most people at my school reckon I have a kind of an American accent too. Good quiz :]

    Loony Luna
  • i am from kyrgyzstan and i needed to learn to speak english but i got confused about british and american (in first to fourth school years we learned american english, the rest of the time british)

    now i have a transatlantic accent
    random info what you probably do not need

  • The questionnaire wasn't so bad. People say I have an Australian accent though I'm from Japan...

  • This quiz is crap. It said I didnt have much English knowledge but I was born and have lived my entire life in England. I also think its stupid to only have a few options of places because someone could live in a completely different place. Nuff said.

  • This quiz seems mostly based on stereotypes and is pretty rubbish overall

  • I'm American and it said I have a British/Australian accent.. This isn't right


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