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  • This is my quiz.
    I hope you liked it!
    What Dragon are You? (better quiz)
    Your Result: Ice Dragon

    You are remote and love the cool air. Your scales resemble sheets of ice and you have something resembling long icicles for horns. Your claws look like bent icicles. Your tail is long and has a triangle on the end that looks like ice. Your wings have ice spikes on the end to help to grip onto ice walls.

    Result Breakdown:
    81% Ice Dragon
    68% Seer Dragon
    50% Earth Dragon
    24% Purple Dragon
    20% Red Dragon
    19% Darkness Dragon
    11% Sun Dragon
    Quiz URL: [no urls]

  • Darkness dragon,I do like to keep to myself alot and be somewhat of a loner. I'm also into the dark arts and paranormal activity too so I'm a bit mysterious as well. Cool quiz mate.

  • I'm a Darkness Dragon! Awesome!

  • Liked it I got ice dragon it's pretty cool

  • Try dragongen.com - they can deliver tons of gems and even food and gold too. I just tried it and got 100 000 of gems

  • 93% Darkness Dragon


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