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  • Your Result: Gold dragons

    Gold dragons will live in any climate. Gold dragons are associated with the side of good. Gold dragons are seen to be graceful and wise creatures, they dislike injustice and foul play, and often take it upon themselves to put these things right. Gold dragons prefer to use spells in combat rather than physical fighting. Gold dragons have two forms of breath attack; the first of these is a fire breath that burns attackers/prey. The second breath attack is a gas that weakens opponents.

    Bronze dragon
    Brass dragon
    Copper dragon
    Blue dragon
    Silver dragon
    Fire dragon
    Green dragon
    Black dragon
    White dragon

  • Hey it's meeee the quiz creator ^_^ I got blue dragon yay x which dragons your favourite?

  • I think we read the same books..

  • I got fire dragon...YaY!!! &^.^& YaY! Curley hair!!! The descryption really fits me. I gave this quiz a 8/10. Pretty good and great variety!!!



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