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  • What Dragon Are You?
    Your Result: Forest Dragon 88%

    Forest dragons are very large, green dragons that are known for being calm and even tempered. Forest dragons are mysterious wanderers who live deep within forested habitats. Although they are very large and very powerful, they are generally peaceful dragons who don't attack without reason. In fact, forest dragons are even known to send adventuring humans in the right direction, when they become lost. Forest dragons will sometimes even become guardians towards villagers, and will protect them against evil. When a forest dragon is threatened, they will use their powerful fiery breath to attack. The forest dragon is perhaps the only peaceful dragon species.

    58% Ice Dragon
    50% Sea Serpent
    48% Sky Dragon
    36% Hydra Dragon
    26% Shadow Dragon
    24% Fire Dragon
    Yay! I love this quiz

  • Your Result: Fire Dragon

    Fire dragons are very brave, fierce, and extremely good fighters. They breathe a deadly fire, and can overpower almost every other species of dragon. They prefer to live in hot climates, sometimes even inside active volcanoes. Fire dragons will often spend their time terrorizing villages for fun. They also spend a lot of time stealing treasure from powerful kingdoms. They also enjoy collecting gemstones such as rubies and crystals. Sometimes adventurers will try to kill a fire dragon, to steal their treasure and become rich. However they are rarely successful, and fire dragons often laugh at the challenge. The fire dragon is the most powerful and feared dragon species.

    34% Shadow Dragon
    28% Sea Serpent
    26% Hydra Dragon
    21% Forest Dragon
    13% Sky Dragon
    7% Ice Dragon

  • Your Result: Sea Serpent 76%

    Sea serpents live deep within the darkest oceans. They are extremely large and terrifying creatures, ranging in length between 100 to 300 feet long. They are very fast, and often very hard to see underneath the ocean waves. Sea serpents have serpentine bodies and move similar to a snake. In ancient times, sea serpents were said to attack wayward ships, especially during storms at night. In these stories, the sea serpent would coil their long bodies around the ships, crushing them to bits. The sea serpent is the most enigmatic and mysterious dragon species.

  • What Dragon Are You?
    Your Result: Sky Dragon 81%

    The sky dragon is a blue colored dragon found in the skies around the world. There is not a lot known about sky dragons, because they are very elusive and live in the sky, rarely landing except to drink or hunt food. They are the only dragon species that can change color, like a chameleon. In the morning they are a pale blue color to match the sky. When looking up, they are nearly impossible to see. At night, they become a darker blue, almost black in color to appear invisible in the night. Sky dragons may attack human villages if they are desperate enough for food, but generally they keep to themselves. Sky dragons attack with their claws and teeth, and do not have special powers. This makes them the easiest dragon to kill, however they are rarely killed because of their natural camouflage and swiftness. Sky dragons are also the fastest flyers out of all the other dragon species, reaching speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.

    65% Forest Dragon
    33% Shadow Dragon
    31% Ice Dragon
    21% Hydra Dragon
    21% Fire Dragon
    10% Sea Serpen

  • What Dragon Are You?
    Your Result: Shadow Dragon 85%

    The shadow dragon, also known as the master of death, is an extremely large dragon species that has armored skin. Shadow dragons are said to kill everything they walk across, leaving an aura of death and darkness behind them. They are said to be drawn by the sound of war, and may even gather in packs during these times. Even the bravest adventurers refuse to even attempt to kill shadow dragons because no one has gone up against one and won. The only thing that can kill a shadow dragon is another shadow dragon.

    55% Fire Dragon
    26% Forest Dragon
    16% Hydra Dragon
    8% Ice Dragon
    8% Sea Serpent
    0% Sky Dragon
    If it's my territory IT'S MINE

  • Sea serpent,I am very adventurous, mysterious, defensive and protective over myself and my beliefs. I also am somewhat tall for my age and gender too. I like to spend time in the water alot as well. Cool quiz mate.

  • I am a ice dragon I made up the the name Blizzard to go with it. I was hoping for a night dragon or something

  • Shadow dragon nice

    Greater papyrus
  • Im the Shadow Dragon, the master of Death.

  • Forest dragon my fav yay

  • 89% shadow dragon

  • Noice, I'm a Forest Dragon!

  • i got Ice dragon.

  • Yes I’m 91% ice dragon and it will be awesome 😎

    • Cool Im 99% air dragon

    • YEAH! @Dragonheart we are awesome! we got a EPIC dragon. the best of the best

  • aaayyyyyyyyyyyy! I got Ice Dragon which is the correct one for me.

    • Yay!! I got 88 percent forest dragon. I love nature


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