What Dragon Are You?

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Dragons are mythical creatures that play an important role in Greek mythology. There are various different dragon species that have been imagined, each with their own skills and appearances.

For this quiz, I chose several different cool dragon species, and found a picture of what I think they would look like. Each result provides a detailed description as well. I hope you like the dragon you get! Thanks for taking my quiz!

Created by: annafrozen12
  1. You are a dragon, what is your goal in life?
  2. You are sleeping, and a brave knight charges you on his horse, raising his sword to attack you! What do you do?
  3. As a dragon, where would you prefer to live?
  4. If you were a dragon, what color would you prefer to be?
  5. As a dragon, you want to be known for your...?
  6. A larger, much more powerful dragon is trying to steal your lair! How do you react?
  7. You find a new lair, this one is much more impressive. You find that there is a village nearby. What do you do?
  8. Another dragon has invaded your territory again. You roll your eyes, but quickly you see that this dragon is not trying to invade. Instead, they're acting friendly towards you. How do you react?
  9. An entire kingdom to use their soldiers to hunt down and kill you because you stole precious treasures from them. What do you do?
  10. As a dragon, what would be your main diet?

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