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  • A pug?! First of all i wanted a beagle because experts say they are oe of the safest dogs around childern it's like the childern concern question didn't even matter. second, a pug is a toy dog. I ASKED FOR A SMALL DOG NOT A TOY! this quiz could use some major editing.

  • um excuse me but do you have a problem with golden retrievers? this is the creater and i don't have to put huskies on there. it's not like i'll go to jail!

  • This is wrong! D:

    I want a pug, and my dad wants a German Shepard!

    Our results are mixed!

  • Mkay first of all yall need to get it right. Huskies is my dog not no golden retriever mkay. Yall didnt even put huskies on the list. ya need tu get it right. mkay

    tha ghettos
  • a lab

    cassie hotgirl
  • cool! i got golden retriever and thats the kind of dog i have now!


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