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  • 100%

    In June, the sun will be in a powerful position for your sign, so this is the best month for you to strut your stuff. Whether you participate in a dance recital, an art contest or a 4-H show, you're sure to stand out from the rest of the competition.

    or it can be the worst month of the year for me, so far. almost being hit by a car, got a bad cut on my foot, almost broke up with my boyfriend, who I love so very much. my best friend is moving to Thailand, another one is moving to another place in the province.

  • scorpio..
    that's correct.

    i've done a lot of traveling this summer. I went to New York for a week, and then I went to Chicago for two days to see a One Direction concert. I went up to a friend's cabin in Wisconsin for a few days. then i'm planing to drive up to Duluth to see the tall ships come into the harbor. although i don't know that it's really travel because we live close to Duluth.

    and then this June i had started writing another story.

  • My summer so far hasn't been exciting yet, but I guess I'll try to expect the unexpected, even though that's impossible since the unexpected is unexpect-ible

  • Wow! The Scorpio was true! This summer I will get to meet my idols (YESSSSSS!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!) and I started a writing project last June. Awesome!

  • Wow the virgo discription sounds so much like me =^-^= I rated a ten!



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