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  • I love this quiz it said io will have 2 girls and 3 boys that 5 kids . It also says that i will live in a big house and my spouse will be the one who works hard and will support me. (And i hate this part) I will live a long life but it will soon become depressed and unhappy . It all sound good for me execpt the last part of how i'll live long but it will be depressed and unhappy .

  • i got the same as kf 4...lol, thats an awful lot of insight you must have to deduce that from the length of my toe and a random number :P

    E Lunatic
  • This quiz sucks, it says ill end up killing myself and be homeless for most of my adult life. it also says that my only child will die of an accidental death. WTF!!!

    kf 4
  • I got the worst future...but it isn't real, that's the good thing.

  • I am also a phyic, I found out when my friend, a ghost talked to me and when I was eight pridicted some one will try to kidnap someone. it was true. right now I'm 9


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