What Doctor Are You?

Find out what doctor you are by answering simple questions. What doctor are you? What doctor is he? Find out by taking this simple easy quiz for the Doctor Who LOVERS!

Do you like doctor who? I SURE DO! TAKE THIS QUIZ AND FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE! If you wanted to be 11 but was 12, SORRY! The scale works how the scale works! I love you all, don't get me wrong, but I can't change your score!

Created by: Bingus of Doctor Who Quiz: Which Doctor are You?
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  1. How funny are you to your friends?
  2. What kind of friends do you prefer?
  3. How much do you love coffee?
  4. What color?
  5. Age preferation
  6. Preference on school popularity
  8. Religion
  9. Favorite Phrase
  10. Looks

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