Doctor Who Quiz

Doctor Who is a huge show in Britain, and it is getting bigger in the US. The Doctor, a time-travelling alien, his companions, and his blue box, the TARDIS, have gone on many adventures together.

How much do you know about the hit British TV show? Do you have what it takes to be a true Doctor Who nerd? How much do you think you know about the Doctor and his companions? Find out ny taking this quiz.

Created by: mtcat
  1. What is Rose's last name?
  2. What is The Doctor's mortal enemy?
  3. What did the Doctor say could block his screwdriver signal in "Silence in the Library"
  4. What was Martha's last name?
  5. What did Martha join after leaving the Doctor?
  6. What did Donna work for in her first episode?
  7. What is the correct order for the 3 most recent actors to play the Doctor?
  8. Who becomes the Prime Minister in the two-part episode with the Slavine?
  9. Which companion gets stuck in an alternate universe?
  10. Who becomes a Dalek after being in the crash of the "Alaska"?
  11. Who is the companion who was a governess, and is played by Jenna-Loise Coleman?
  12. What does the Doctor (played by Matt Smith) say is cool?
  13. What possesses the TARDIS in "The Doctor's Wife?
  14. What is House?
  15. What color does House turn things?
  16. What is the human version of the TARDIS's name?
  17. What is the name of the planet where the tenth doctor takes a bus tour?
  18. In "Midnight", what is the woman's name, the one who was possessed by the "knocking" alien?

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