How Much Do You Know About Doctor Who?

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This test features relatively easy questions, but don't worry if you get a low score. Put your Doctor Who knowledge to the test and play this quiz! Go on, why are you still reading?

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  1. Who played the fourth Doctor?
  2. What does the twelfth Doctor swear never to eat before he regenerates?
  3. How were the first Doctor and his companion related?
  4. What does the eleventh Doctor like to eat with custard?
  5. According to the silence, where was the Doctor destined to die?
  6. How many seasons/series did the ninth Doctor do?
  7. Who is Kate Stewart?
  8. Who was the actress of Donna Noble?
  9. Who was the actor of Rory Williams?
  10. Who was the actress of Clara Oswald?
  11. Who was the actress of Amelia Pond?
  12. What planet do the Cybermen come from?
  13. What did Amy say before she died?
  14. In what year was the first EVER Doctor Who episode? (With the 1st Doctor not the ninth)

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