How Well Do You Know Doctor Who?

Doctor Who has been a British icon since 1963. The Doctor has saved the world throughout time and space in his TARDIS and he has touched the hearts of his many companions and his audience

Doctor Who has been around for Generations, but do we really know who this man is? Take this test to find out how much you know about the Doctor and his adventures.

Created by: Twinkle93
  1. How Many Generations has there been so far (2010)?
  2. Who played the first doctor?
  3. How many Doctor Who movies have there been?
  4. What spin off is an anagram of Doctor Who?
  5. Which battle did the Cybermen and the Daleks face each other?
  6. What is the name of the robotic dog?
  7. Which assistant saved the world alone when the Doctor was being held captive?
  8. Which two assistants marry each other?
  9. What was Torchwood made for?
  10. Which tactical division squad does Martha belong to?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Doctor Who?