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  • What do your farts smell like
    Your Result: Your farts reek like dead llamas 90%

    Man do those stink!!!!! You need some lysol, a'fore someone dies. You need some serious medical attention. Llamas wow. Congrats...You smell bad. What in the world have you been eating all day?

    Elory Chihuahua
  • it said my farts reek like dead llamas like a man !!!!!!!!!!!!! oh is that............ oops sorry i farted right know and my siblings are throwed on the floor because of the bad smell. well they say its bad but my farts smell so yummy and sweet i did it again bye

  • Hey i know a lot of man take this quiz but i am a female. And REEK LIKE DEAD LLAMAS is what i got. Please take the quiz i did called Would I Date You??? GUYS ONLY

  • really?? my farts smell like french people??

  • What does reek like dead llamas mean???!!!


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