What do you know about Riverwoods ?

Do you want to test your knowledge about fashion ? This is the test to see if you are a real fashion queen or king! But watch out , this quiz is only for the experts !

Do you want to be Miss or mister Shopping ? It's possible but you have to know more about fashion and I will help you!Just pass this test and you will be the winner !

Created by: Eva Vyncke
  1. What was the source of inspiration for the founder of Riverwoods ?
  2. In how many countries is Riverwoods available ?
  3. Which tour is sponsored by Riverwoods ?
  4. In which city takes the event 'zoute grand price' place ?
  5. Where are the most stores of Riverwoods located ?
  6. In which year was Riverwoods born ?
  7. In which year has Riverwoods a license to produce footwear ?
  8. In which city opens Riverwoods their first kids store ?
  9. In which of these countries do they have opportunities to open a new shop ?
  10. What is their emblem made of ?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Riverwoods ?