What do you know about me???

"There are only a few smart people out there that truely know me and that could actually pass my test! I hope that you all know me very well because I know you all very well! I hope you all score high on my test, because everything on my test are things I talk about all the time! Good Luck!

"Are you a genius? well in a few moments you will find out if you really know me or not! But thanks to this great quiz, you'll soon find out!" I hope you score high and can get to know me better if you don't pass this!"

Created by: Alayna of alayna_31
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  1. What is my favorite song?
  2. What is my favorite holiday?
  3. What is my favorite color?
  4. Who is my BEST FRIEND? (If you get this wrong, your gay!)
  5. Who is my Boyfriend?
  6. How many brothers do I have?
  7. What is my favorite kind of Vehical?
  8. What do I do for fun?
  9. What is my middle name?
  10. My favorite thing to do over the summer is to.....?
  11. What is my favorite food?
  12. What is my favorite State?
  13. What is my favorite movie?
  14. Where do I live?
  15. Where was I born?
  16. When is my Birthday?
  17. What grade am I in?
  18. What Do I wanna join when I am 18?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about me???