Minecraft Quiz Number 2

You are either a genius or a genius. You are a genius (unless you cheat...😱🤔) I hope you don't cheat. This is a test!!! Tests use your MIND. Hope you like the test.

You might be thinking 💭, Albert Eisenstein was a genius. You could be the Albert of the 21 century. You can pass this test, pass this test... you can be smart! lol this is funny

Created by: Vincent of Zane fit
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  1. How many monsters are there in minecraft?
  2. How many ores are blue?
  3. Are Alex's and Steve's skins the only common skins?
  4. Would you say a zombiepigman looks like them all together.
  5. How many sizes of slimes are there?
  6. What color shirts do zombies wear?
  7. Do you like cake or cookies?
  8. Do you like dogs or cats better?
  9. Do zombie villagers spawn or do they die then come back?
  10. (Last question!) How did Notch (creator of minecraft)create the creeper?

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