The Seventh Grade Math Test

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. This is a seventh grade mathematics test, quite an easy one, I would say. Remember, no calculators are used.

IF you can pass this test, you would definitely pass and score high in your school maths exam too. Trust me! Now start off and see if you can finish it in 8 minutes!

Created by: chloexoxo

  1. The marked price of a book is 30% above the cost. If the book is sold at 10% discount on the marked price, what is the profit percentage?
  2. If a regular hexagon is cut along all of its axes of symmetry, then it becomes_____
  3. Which of the following expressions has a result different from others?
  4. It is given that the (n)th term of a sequence is (n)(n) - 2n. What is the sum of the first four terms of the sequence?
  5. There is 725a/2 mL of tea in a jar. After filling (3a-10)cups of capacity 200 mL each, 100 mL of tea were left. Find the value of a.
  6. Tom weighs m kg. Jack's weight is 15kg less than twice that of Tom has. If their total weight is 90 kg, find the weight of Tom.
  7. 2x+(1+10%)x+0.4=50. Find x.
  8. No calculator here. 36x(1+60%)-50x(1-10%)=________ Round off to the nearest 0.1.
  9. The average weight of students. Is this discrete or numerous data?
  10. Is this hard for you?

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