My First Boyfriend (pt1)

Kristine Winters has just entered seventh grade. A world that's way different to the world she was in last year. Can she cope with the boys, heartbreaks, friendship problems and school drama? Or will seventh grade haunt her for the rest of high school?

Kristine and her best friend, Holly Anderson will stick together as today is there first day in seventh grade. Part Two will be out either tomorrow or sooner today! Enjoy x

Created by: lady chre

  1. Hi everyone! This is my first quiz series on the site. Your name is Kristine, and you have dark brown hair, when you look faraway, your hair looks black, but if you look closer or in light, it's actually brunette. You have brown eyes and tan skin. You have a clear face, no acne or anything. You are plenty smart, and you enjoy sports, especially soccer, tennis and football. You are going into seventh grade this year. You love reading and animals and you can play the piano. You also have one dog called Lexie. Anyway, anything I left out from your description, it will be in the text! Enjoy!
  2. "...Imma tell you one time, girl I love, girl I love you." your iPhone ringed the same alarm once again. You groaned as you rolled over to the side to shut it up, making an effort to resist pressing the SNOOZE button. You bounced off your bed, feeling drowsy. Looking into your mirror, you thought to yourself out loud, "Oh my gosh! I look horrible!". Just as always. Bed heads suck. You pulled on your school uniform and went to the bathroom to brush your teeth and comb your hair. What style do you put your hair in?
  3. You gobbled up your breakfast, pancakes and cereal. You looked at the time; 6:45am. Soon, you'll need to go. Your Mum hasn't woken up yet, so you decided to leave the house to school. Standing from outside your house, was your best friend, Holly Anderson. Holly had long dirty blonde hair tied in two pigtails with hot pink elastic bands, a clear pale face and a curvy body. You were always jealous of Holly's body shape. Why couldn't you be a curved beauty isn't of an average, flat nothing? "Hey Holly!" you greeted her. Holly grinned back at you. She was very shy with new people, but once you were her best friend, she is anything but shy! "Hi, Kristine! Wanna see this new book I borrowed from my brother?" she shows you a thick novel with a the title, Harvey's Angels It had a picture of a small girl with wide blue wings. "Looks awesome." you replied as you both flipped through it while walking all the way to school. Holly was a perfect twin to Lisa Simpson! She was nerdy, but also possessed a girly side. When you both got there to school, you realized it. Seventh grade. A whole new year, devouring bits and pieces of primary school. Although you and Holly have no trouble finding classes as you've already had plenty of practice last year on orientation day, you can't help but feel nervous.
  4. "Thank goodness your locker is right next to mine!" you hissed under your breath as you and Holly walked through a messy crowd of school students. Turning the number combination of your locker, you take out your schedule. "I have English first period." you said to Holly, grabbing out your English textbooks in progress. "Me too!" Holly piped. "That's good, we're together!" You can't help but smile. You and Holly have been best friends ever since you met in a Creative Writing camp in summer. You both walked to the English class, while talking to each other. "I have soccer tryouts after school today. Hoping to make it into Division 1 or 2." you told Holly. "Good luck," Holly smiled. "My Mum already registered me into dance classes. I'm going to be trying out for cheerleading as well as ballet." Once you reach to the class, you both do your special handshake for good luck. As you both take a deep breath and turn the knob of the door...
  5. The teacher, Mr Hubert looked up and saw both you and Holly walking in, clutching to your textbooks like a bunch of nervous rabbits. "Ah! You must be Kristine Winters and Holly Anderson! Welcome to English class. Please take your seats." he said. As you both look around, almost all of the seats were full. You were trying to scan for two spare seats, so you and Holly could be together. Holly was doing the exact same thing. But apparently, the only spare seats left weren't plastered next to each other. One was next to a boy with blonde hair and noticeable blue eyes. Another was next to a girl with orange hair and a face covered with freckles. You looked over at Holly and she looked back at you. Oh no! the expression of your faces were. "Well, hurry up!" Mr Hubert exclaimed, sounding a little irritated that we were taking up time. "We don't have all day..." Both you and Holly refused to move so Mr Hubert said furiously but calmly, "Listen, Kristine, you go sit next to Brandon, and Holly, go sit next to Ruby!" you both shrugged and sat at the seats chosen by Mr Hubert and unfortunately- the only seats left.
  6. The class starts and you tried your darn best to pay attention. English was your forte back in primary school, but somehow now it seemed a little difficult than before. What's more, is that the boy you're sitting next to, Brandon, is distracting you. You can't help but look at him and his gorgeous blue eyes and handsome blonde hair. Once you look closer, he also has these cute freckles along his nose. So cute! you sighed. Suddenly, you shook your head and blushed. What were you thinking?! Since when did you become this boy crazy?! Brandon smiled at you. "Hi." he said. You tried to smile back but what it turned out to be was a pursed flirty smile. Gosh. you thought. Since when did I turn into a person like this?! "Hey." you greeted back shyly. "I'm Kristine." You were supposed to be working on the comprehension worksheets, but now you were engaged in a conversation with Brandon. "I play Rugby. We made it in the Grand Finals." he said knowingly. "That's awesome," you stated. "Hey, wanna work together on this sheet?" he asked you with a sparkle in his eyes. "Sure." you said back. Finally, the whole class turns silent, with you and Brandon whispering to each other for the answers. You looked across and see Holly, who was putting her head down, concentrating. After a good hour of continuous learning, the bell rings. "Are you trying out for the schools soccer team?" you asked Brandon bravely. "Yeah. How about you?" he said back. You nodded. "Cool. See ya there." What are your thoughts on Brandon?
  7. "Who was that boy you kept whispering to?" Holly seemed excited to ask. You blushed and stammered, "Uh... his name is Brandon..." you trailed off, embarrassed about what was going around that head of yours! Holly seemed so excited that she started giggling. "Well, you know... he's kinda cute. I think I have a crush on him." she said in a matter-of-fact order. You paused, midair from putting your English textbooks pack into your locker. "What's wrong, Kristine?" asked Holly, looking as if she'd taken aback what she'd just said. "Oh, nothing." you murmured as you continue to put your books back into your locker. "Anyway, let's go to second period. What class do you have? I have Math." you changed the subject. "Oh, shucks! I have History." Holly made a face. You gave a groan of desperation. "See you at lunch, then." you waved glumly as you both took your separate ways.
  8. You walked as fast as you could to class B15. Apparently a little too fast. Halfway there, you slipped on the polished floor, tumbled backward and fell flat on your back. It felt as if it'd been done in slow motion. Then, SPLAT! You look down and see orange mango smoothie splattered all over your uniform! You then looked up and saw a boy with light brown hair and a clear face staring down at you with those beautiful golden hazel eyes. "I'm so sorry." he apologized. Your face went all red as the corridor went quiet as everyone turned and stared at you. A few girls, mostly known as the "Popular Group" laughed and snorted at you. "Here, let me help you up." the boy said. You couldn't say anything. You were way too shocked. "Ugh, Jason! Why the heck are you helping her?! She's like, so clumsy!" one of the girls from the group commented as the rest laughed. Jason glared at them. "Just ignore them." he muttered at you. You muttered back at him a "thanks" and rushed to the toilet to fix up your uniform. You wished Holly were here!
  9. Fast forwarding the day to the day to the soccer tryouts, just as you expected, you met Brandon there with a couple of friends. "Hey, Kristine! I'd thought I'd see you here!" he greeted you with a cheerful smile. You grinned back and surprisingly, gave him a fist pump. The rest of his friends laughed, but you gladly gave them fist pumps as well. As the soccer tryouts went on, you found yourself focusing entirely on Brandon. He was such a good player! He scored multiple times, and he was quite fast as well! "Kristine! You're playing midfielder." the coach instructed. You nodded and got ready on the field. Brandon passed the ball to you and you gladly made your way up to the goal and scored. "AWESOME!!" Brandon shouted. "You scored!" you grinned. "That's my girl..." he muttered, still smiling. You froze with happiness.
  10. Suddenly, out of the blue, you felt a sharp paining thud at the back of your shin. "Ouch!" You turn around and see your coach yelling at you. "Kristine! Pay attention!" he shouted. "Don't just stand there! You're supposed to be defending the goal!" You realized that it was your coach that had hit you with the ball. You reassure yourself and moved into defender position. You knew that Brandon was looking over at you, but you tried to not look at his handsome face. Finally, practice was over. "Everyone, results and positions will be posted on the schools billboard." the coach told everyone after practice. You grabbed your bag and walked over out of the field to the school to get ready for third period. "Hey, Kristine!" you heard Brandon yell. "You're good at soccer." he complimented you. You smiled and blushed, not knowing what to say.
  11. At recess, you found Holly waiting for you at the cafeteria. She smiled and waved at you, her pink and yellow bangles shaking. "Kristine! Over here!" She was sitting at a table all by herself, obviously the next seat saved for you. On her tray, she had a strawberry milk cartoon, an apple and a small portion of a quarter of a salad and cheese sandwich. She didn't need to watch her weight, because she was born petite. "How was the tryouts?" she asked politely. "It was good." you replied back. Holly took into a bite of her sandwich. "What do you mean, 'good'? Did you see Brandon there?!" she asked curiously. I didn't know what to say, so you just nodded. Holly's face suddenly struck a mild expression of... I don't know... jealously? Annoyance? Anger? Suddenly, Jason, the boy who split a mango smoothie on you by accident, came along with his tray. "Do you mind if I sit here?" he asked. You looked over at Holly and she just shrugged as she continued eating, looking down. I smiled and nodded at him, saying, "Sure." in the most cheerful way I can muster.
  12. You, Holly and Jason talked all throughout the time you guys were eating together. You found out Jason used to go to your old preschool. He always played with you. You finally reconigsed him as a friend. After lunch/recess, you all go your separate ways to your next classes. Finally, after school was finished, you and Holly decided to walk home as Jason was going to catch a bus. "Kristine, you know Brandon..." she said to you, looking on the ground softly. "Are you two... you know, have something going on?" she asked.
  13. You stopped walking, replaying those words Holly said. You finally catch your breath and looked into Holly's eyes. You both had stopped walking, and now you're in the middle of a suburb. You opened your mouth and said... CLIFFHANGER!!!

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