What do you know about.....friendship?

Friendship. a thing most people depend on to live, a thing most people havent yet experienced. friendship is not to be messed with, its for truth and honesty, a friend is for fun. but do most people know the real experience for friendship, i think not.

Yes, i'm talking about you, the AWESOME people reading this now, do you know what friendship is? what would your "friend" do if you were ill? what would your "friend" do on your birthday? one correct answer, limited time. are you ready? so let's do this!

Created by: Justice Fans Website
  1. it's your birthday, a true friend would....
  2. how much does your bf(bestie) know 'bout you
  3. there's gossip going round about you what does your friend do
  4. tea break
  5. how close are you and your friend
  6. hawaii-1 ticket
  7. your ill, your friend...
  8. random time: sleepovers? yea or nay
  9. you...
  10. last question, how long have you been best friends

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Quiz topic: What do I know about.....friendship?