How Well Do You Know Me?

If you're ever in a jam, here I am If you ever need a pal, I'm your gal If you ever feel so happy you land in jail; I'm your bail It's friendship, friendship Just a perfect blendship When other friendships have been forgot Ours will still be hot

Remember that this world cannot survive without friendship, and the best way to prove you are a friend is to listen closely to every word your friend says. If it's important enough for them to speak it, it's important enough for you to listen.

Created by: Mackenzie

  1. Who is my favorite Beatle?
  2. In the list below, who is my favorite WWII historical figure?
  3. What is my favorite National Music?
  4. What is my first favorite old-time show?
  5. Which of the quotes below do I say all the time?
  6. Now, to go with the top question: who was the author of my most fav. quote?
  7. Who is my favorite fiction male television character?
  8. Why is he my favorite?
  9. What accent do I wish I had?
  10. Which is my favorite field to research for WWII.
  11. And last but, most assuredly not least, what is my favorite color color combination listed below?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?