forever&always(a sad friendship story)

Teardrops that's all I can say. You'll have go read the rest yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

A very sad friendship story it will make you cry.

Created by: splashofcolor
  1. Bzzz!bzzz! Goes your phone to officially mark the start of a new day. You get dressed into a simple springtime outfit: jeans,an aeropostale T-shirt, and half of a heart necklace. You rub the necklace as your fingers slip over the small engraved letters: "friends" your best friend has the "best" necklace. It seems go assure you that today wouldn't be so bad cause at least you get to see Sapphire.
  2. You head down for breakfast and see a bowl of cereal and a note on the kitchen counter. The note reads: "after you are done breakfast head over to Sapphires house." And so... after you have finished a bowl of Reeses puffs you walk over to Sapphire's.
  3. Before you can even turn the doorknob sapphire flings the door open and motions you to come inside. You follow her in and up the stairs to her room with her long blond hair cascading down her back like an elegant waterfall on a midsummer day. Her big green eyes shine. As she opens the drawer of all her important belongings she pulls out an envalope with her name beautifly written accross the back of the letter. What is it you ask her. " I don't know I was waiting for you to get here so I could open it. When she pulled out the paper I recognized the handwritting immediately and tried to warn her what it was but she was already clicked in with the words on the paper she barely heard the bus pulling onto our stop.
  4. She didn't finish reading it until about 10 minutes later and then told. Me alllllll about it. Ofcourse it was from the mean girl Miranda pretending to write to sapphire as her secret crush Ryan. Ofcourse this has also happened to me in middle school so I know that this is not going to end up well. Like how at the end she said meet me at 4:00 after school tomorrow. I have a surprise waiting for you. That's the same line she gave to me right before she made me eat mud.ugh I donot want to remember that day anymore.
  5. Sapphire: " what if Ryan accualy does meet up with me and talk to me or m-maybe even... KISS ME!!! (sigh) ofcourse that's probably way to good to be true but really, what could happen??!?? You: I really don't think this is a good idea. Its not Ryan trust me its Miranda. She did this to me in middleschool and bad things happenned!! Just please don't go! Your not going to gain anything from this! Sapphire: ill just go to see what he wants and then if it really is Miranda then ill walk away. You: fine but just don't get into trouble
  6. After school you and sapphire walk out at 4:00 as it said on the paper. There stands Miranda with her shiney brown curls of hair blow through the breeze. But she's holding something in her right hand.We walk closer until the full picture of her sinks in. It takes a second to realize that she has a long sharp knife in her hand and she is charging at us with the blade. we turn and run as fast as our legs can go knowing that our lives are on the line. I see a small rock ahead and before I can open my mouth I hear a gasp just behind me and I turn to see that sapphire has tripped on the rock...
  7. I glance at miranda and she is at least 100 feet behind us so I scoop sapphire up and run to my house.I set her down on the couch and get an ice pack for her ankle. I let her rest and I head to my room to take a nap but I'm awoken by a scream...
  8. You rush downstairs and see that the aweful scream is coming from sapphire. What is it? I shout. Sorry I had a bad dream. Okay I think you should head home now I say. But what if- shhhh its ok u have to overcome ur fear. So she grabbed her bookbag and headed out the door. Her house is right across the street so I'm not worried.until I hear a loud bang!screech!splatter! Then it was silent.
  9. You rushed out the door to see sapphire laying in the middle of the road fighting for life, her heart hanging on by a thread. SAPPHIRE!! You kneel down next to her and realize that there is nnothing to do now. So you take a last glimpse of her face and squeeze her hand good bye.for good.a tear slides down her face in return and you catch it and hold your hand up against your heart. A light smile crosses her face telling you that she is safe now and that you could always see her in the sky.
  10. Like my quiz? Be sure to like it I'm sorry if it made you sad!! :(

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