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I got bored so I made this quiz! Well, Its not really a quiz. I wrote a quick story just-because and I hope you like it! It's not meant to be good, just a quick, cute little story for you to read. ;)

The story is about a girl named Rosie who is a popular 15 year old girl. She is mean to a lot of people who aren't as popular as her, but an out-of-this-world experience will change the way Rosie looks at the world forever.

Created by: Isabel Roselia
  1. A popular 15 year old girl named Rosie thought she had her whole life figured out. She had flowing blond hair, crystal blue eyes, and hundreds of friends she rarely ever talked to.
  2. She thought of herself as beautiful and sweet. Although she was very pretty, she didn't realize how mean she actually was to those who weren't as popular as she was. But that would change soon.
  3. One hot sunny day, Rosie went to the beach with her new boyfriend (he was one of her many boyfriends that year). There weren't many people at the beach that Rosie didn't know. After chatting on the sand, they (they meaning Rosie) decided to go on a romantic walk by the tide.
  4. They talked, and they laughed. But Rosie found something gold shimmering in the sand. "What's that?" she asked her boyfriend Robert. "I don't know" he said. He knelt down and began digging it up.
  5. "That's so weird. It kind of looks like a genie's lamp! Lol!" Rosie said when Robert showed the strange gold object to her. "Yeah, it kinda does!" He replied. He gave it to Rosie for her to keep to remember their first date.
  6. Later that evening, Rosie ate a yummy salad for dinner and then went up to her room. She told her parents she'd be texting her many friends, which they easily believed. But instead, she examined the genie's lamp.
  7. Hmmm, looks like it has a smudge on it, she thought. So she picked up a rag and rubbed the smudge. A quick puff of smoke came out, and so did a real genie!
  8. The genie offered her as many wishes as she could possibly want, but he warned her about consequences. "What kind of consequences?" She asked. "You'll find out soon enough." the genie answered. This didn't bother her much, so she made several foolish wishes.
  9. By the time she finished making wishes, it was already after midnight, so she went to bed. The next morning, something didn't feel right. She looked over at the golden lamp in her dresser, shrugged, and walked to her bathroom to get ready for school.
  10. But when she looked in the mirror, she screamed! What was once her toned, flat stomach was now a jiggly and wobbly ball of fat that swayed every moment. She tried to put on a pair of jeans that fir her just yesterday, but they ripped at the seams! She rubbed the lamp and demanded that the genie explain.
  11. "Well, I told you each wish had its consequences." He said. "And the consequence is that for each wish you make, you gain 5 pounds. And you made plenty of wishes, Rosie." She glared at him and ordered him to reverse it.
  12. He said that the only way to reverse her curse was to fix her mistakes at school. "What mistakes!? The only thing I've done wrong is trusting YOU!" She exclaimed.
  13. "Yes, you have made many mistakes. You may not realize it, but you have treated many classmates of yours very poorly. You must fix this to reverse your wishes." The genie informs her. This left Rosie speechless. She put on her makeup, but none of her clothes fit her, except a pair of stretch pants and a loose t-shirt.
  14. She wouldn't dare wear this to school though, so she hid the lamp in her purse with the genie inside it, and snuck out of her house before her parents could see her. She realized she had no choice but to use another wish, so she forced herself to wish for her driver's license so she could drive to the mall herself and buy clothes that fit her better without being seen by anyone she knew. She used her gift card for "unlimited free stuff" that she'd wished for the night before at the mall to get the clothes.
  15. After getting bigger clothes, Rosie went to school. But, she'd missed her first 3 classes and it was almost time for lunch. She decided to wait for the bell and go to lunch after everyone else was there. Luckily she had sunglasses in the convertible she'd wished for last night to hide her face.
  16. But, one of her snotty popular friends recognized her. She sat next to her, munching on her salad and sipping her orange juice. "Woah! Rosie, is that YOU?! OMG girl, what happened to you? Time to lay off the carbs!" She said with a disgusted look on her face.
  17. "Jeez, Shelby, don't be so rude, ok?" she said. "Lets just say that even if I explained any of this to you, you wouldn't believe me." "Ya, sure. C'mon, girls, we are SO leaving!" She said with a snap and a rude hair flip.
  18. After lunch, Rosie walked to her locker, everybody pointing and laughing at her. One boy, who seemed to be in a hurry, bumped into her, said "sorry, fatty!" then turned to look at her. "Rosie?!" he then said. The boy was Robert. "Yeah, we need to talk. meet me behind the school in 5 minutes!" was all she said.
  19. 7 minutes later, Robert met Rosie where she said. She explained everything, but he didn't believe her at first. So, she simply said, "how else could I have gained this much weight since yesterday?!" and he agreed. He said to do what the genie said, and that he'd help.
  20. The two went to talk to the principal after their last class that day. "Mrs. Jennings, can we please just say one quick thing tomorrow during morning announcements?" They begged. "Sorry, but no. I'm very busy right now, so if you two could-" "-please, we'll do anything, we'll even clean the whole school tomorrow if you let us!" Robert interrupted. "Wait, what?" Rosie said to him. "Just go with it." He said. "Alright, fine. As long as it's not some dumb prank you're planning." The principal agreed.
  21. So, the next morning, they went to the office and the principal handed the microphone over to them. "Everyone, this is Rosie Smith. I just wanted to apologize to everyone I've ever been mean to. I really am sorry." Later that day they go back to Rosie's house.
  22. "I don't understand why it didn't work!" Rosie said, frustrated. I made that announcement and apologized to everyone at lunch face to face!" "I don't know." Robert said, clearly thinking. So, Rosie pulled the lamp out of her bag.
  23. She rubbed the lamp, but nothing happened. She kindly thanked Robert, and he left. But when she woke up the next morning, her wishes were reversed and everything seemed to be back to normal. At school, she talked to Robert, and everything was just fine.
  24. Epilogue: Robert and Rosie dated throughout the rest high school and college. After graduating, they went to the same college - Robert became a Veterinarian and Rosie became a famous actress. They got married and both did a lot of volunteering for charity. Basically, they lived happily ever after, if there is such a thing. The End

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