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I made a random story yesterday. It's called "A random story." If you know what Wattpad is, and if you have an account on there, you can read it there.

The random story only has one chapter. It's hilarious, too. Also, it's for anyone. Anyone can read it. I made it because I felt like it. I'm also making an Ariana Grande story.

Created by: xXCHILLXx
  1. Hello. My name is Lucy. I am a girl. I have red hair and green eyes. I am going downstairs to watch television.
  2. I was watching people on the lottery. I entered. I hope I win. I sat down.
  3. "5,7,12,56, 49..." When I heard those numbers, I jumped for joy! I jumped so high that I touched a cloud. The $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 prize was mine! I was doing my little happy dance.
  4. I was going to move to the planet Gargloposayaurous. And no, that is not a dinosaur. It's just been discovered. I wonder what it's like.
  5. I packed my bags. I can't believe I was going to live in Gargloposayaurous! I was ready to go on that rocket and fly to space!
  6. I've never been in space before. This is my first time. I heard there are living things on Gargloposayaurous. The only planet that you can live on besides Earth.
  7. "Ticket, please," said a man. I gave him a ticket. He punched it. I walked on the ice trail.
  8. "Hello," a weird sounding voice said. It was Tinky Winky. And behind him was Dipsy, Laa laa, and Po. Po is my favorite teletubby. She was when I was little. She still is. I still can't believe people think that Po is a "he" even though it is a "she". "I can make you tubby toast," said Po. "No, thanks," I said.
  9. Then a girl with no hair showed up. I was a little scared. "You h-have n-n-no h-hair,"I said. "Girls here are forced to shave their heads here," said the girl. "So, what's your name?" I asked the girl. "I'm Tea Pots," said the girl. Tea Pots? That's a weird name.
  10. I saw talking gummy bears! It freaked me out a little. One was red, one was blue, one was green, one was orange, one was yellow, and one was clear. "Hello," said the red one. "What's your name?" "I'm Lucy," I said. "Cool," said the red one.
  11. "Have you met King Dairy Air?" asked Tea Pots. "No," I said. "We better get you there," said Dipsy. "Why?" I asked. "You can't live here unless King Dairy Air says you can," said Laa laa. "That's why we're taking the ice trail.
  12. This is the red gummy bear singing: Taking the ice trail. To meet King Dairy Air. Rainbows and ice cream. Will come our way. Taking the ice trail. To meet King Dairy Air. Yummy gummies. Yay! Yay! Yay! Then she screamed. She was basically saying that she is delicious.
  13. We had to ride a chocolate boat on a river of milk. I almost ate the boat. "This is bitter chocolate," said Tea Pots. That almost made me puke. I'm glad I didn't eat the boat.
  14. We had to hike down the marshmallow trail for a little bit. It was a sticky situation. This was taking hours to get to King Dairy Air's palace. Tea Pots caried me. I carried Tinky Winky. Tinky Winky carried Dipsy. Dipsy carried Laa laa. Laa laa carried Po. Po carried the red gummy bear. The red one carried the blue one. The blue one carried the green one. The green one carried the orange one. The orange one carried the yellow one. The yellow one carried the clear one. Tea Pots says this would get us there faster.
  15. We finally reached King Dairy Air's palace. He said I could stay. I didn't think he would have a lot of hair, but he did. By a lot I mean A LOT of hair. I was so happy! I could spend my money on anything on on Earth, or anything here. I turned off my alarm clock. It was all a dream.
  16. Tell me if you think I should make a sequel.

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