What do you know about african fauna?

Probably you know what a lion is and an elephant - but do you know which isn't obvious? Which animals are endangered? Where do they live? Test your knowledge!!

What do you know about the African animals? Have you heard the latest news of new found species and do you know what a cheetah likes to hunt? Go ahead and prove yourself!

Created by: Wilhelm Osterman of The Biotrotter
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  1. Where do you find lemurs?
  2. Which animal is the closest relative to the giraffe?
  3. In which country do you find the famous Serengeti plains?
  4. Which species of monkey was discovered in 2005 in central Tanzania?
  5. Which is the biggest canid (dog animal) in Africa?
  6. In which country can you NOT find the mountain gorilla?
  7. Which species is the most endangered? (in 2014)
  8. Which animal is rhinoceros most closely related to?
  9. Where do you find the pygmy hippopotamus?
  10. Which antelope/gazelle is the cheetah's hunting the most?
  11. The thick-billed raven is the biggest raven in the world, where can you find it in Africa?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about african fauna?