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  • Your Result: result 1 84%

    Kiba: he/she pretty cool. he/she should be leader of his/her own pack Tsume: *sigh* he/she should stop being so bossy, he/she really thinks he's/she's the leader, does he/she? Hige: eh... he/she's allright i guess. but i think he/she hasn't really figured out that Kiba's the leader... Toboe: he/she is really great! he/she must have been leader of a pack once... i wonder whatever happened?

    (I'm gonna argue with the characters for a bit.)

    Kiba, I cannot lead a pack! I don't have any other wolves to lead!

    Tsume, First of all, I do not like you. Second, I am a loner, so there.

    Hige, I have figured out that Kiba is the leader, but sometimes a leader needs help, just ask Tsume. Oh, wait, you were there then.

    Toboe, I wish I was a leader of a pack, or used to. It's just instinct for me.

  • First I got result one, then result 5. I think number five described me better, although I can be bossy to the people I know really well, like result one says. But around most people I'm more like result 5.what do the wolf's rain boys think of you?

    Your Result: result 5 74%

    Kiba: it's ok to have him/her around. but he/she doesn't talk that much. Tsume: why doesn't he/she talk? Hige: um... he/she's fine. Toboe: he/she's really nice! but he/she could try to talk a little more, i mean we aren't strangers, right? :)

  • Haha, i tried my best :D sorry you had to take the quiz twice to get a bit of an accurate result.

  • Tsume= Germany
    Toboe= Italy
    Hige= America
    Kiba= England?
    (I'm talking about Hetalia) lol

  • *rave

  • lol, humoristic eave is humoristic :3


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