what do the wolf's rain boys think of you?

i love wolf's rain. and i sometimes just dream about being part of the pack. running at their side, being a wolf. that kind of stuff you know! :).

so, have you ever dreamed of this too? and do you wonder what the boy wolves would actually think of you? who would like you? take this quiz to find out...

Created by: OmegaWolf9

  1. so act like you're in the pack. you are just walking when it starts snowing.
  2. so you have been hiding in a cave for the blizzard outside for a while now.
  3. so the blizzard finally layed down. Kiba and Tsume want to go but Hige wants to stay.
  4. after a lot of time, he dicides to come along. you come across a stranger wolf.
  5. he laughs evil and suddenly attacks Toboe.
  6. when the pack attacks him, the stranger quickly runs off, but Toboe is still laying on the ground...
  7. he gets up and he is just fine. but Hige starts complaining about being hungry...
  8. the pack hunts, except for Hige, because he's too 'tired'(he's just lazy XD). but when the prey gets taken down, he pushes everyone aside and wants to start eating.
  9. who of the pack is your secret crush?
  10. i hope you don't get offended in any way... i'm just trying to think like the characters :)

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