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  • Your Result: You're Nice! 79%

    Gon: We're like best friends! Killua: He/she's cool. Kurapika: The world needs more people like (y/n). Perhaps (y/n) will help me defeat the Phantom Troupe! Leorio: He/she is the only person who actually knows how to use Japanese honorifics! Alluka: Oniichan is good friends with him/her! Biscuit: (Y/n)? Oh, he/she's really nice! I was her teacher for a while, and she reminds me of Gon-kun! Hisoka: He/she is annoying happy. I won't kill (y/n) just yet, because he/she isn't powerful enough yet. Chrollo: He's/she's not the most powerful, but by no stretch of the imagination is he/she weak.

    62% You're Almost Invisible!

  • Gon: Um, well, (y/n) is nice and all, but really plain. I honestly don't know him/her that well. Killua: Eh. He's/she's boring. Kurapika: Nice enough. Leorio: Who? Alluka: Killua's not sure what to think of him/her, so neither do I! Biscuit: He/she needs to think of ways to be noticed more. Hisoka: * Yawn * He/she is too boring! Chrollo: ...I'm not sure who you're talking about. well then ok...

  • YAY! I'm nice! :3

    • I got nice ;3 and I kind of am nice

    • Killua and Gon think Im cool

    • i got, You're scary! ( 77% )
      I mean, that's not a lie ;-;

    • oop-
      Meh friends think i scary


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