What do people think about you?

Everyone judges everyone some time. Want to know what people se you as on the popular scale. Do this quiz. If you think that maybe your already to good, maybe you should take this to get a little air out of the big head of yours. Maybe your better then you think you are, do this quiz, find out!

Are you popular, or are you geek and no fun, take this quiz to find out. Nothing's stopping you but remeber, its a quiz made by soemone, its nto real, dont let it fool you :D IF you do this quiz though, maybe it will make you realise that people may want to be your friend after all. How do you figure this out? Do the quiz.

Created by: Jonah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When people talk to you do they..
  2. Do people decide to talk to you.. Or do you talk to them first.
  3. What is you style ( clothing wise )
  4. How many times have you died your hair?
  5. What colours have you died your hair.
  6. What colours do you usually wear.
  7. If you went on stage and you figured out you fly was undone.. would you.
  8. Whats your favourite Colour.
  9. Are you a good student? Whats your average usually..
  10. What do you do on your days off of school?

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