What Destiny Class Are You?

Looking to play Destiny? Or are you already a veteran? Deciding what class to play, or figuring out if what you picked is best for you? look no further, this quiz will have it all.

Hunter. Warlock. Titan. The classes of the Guardians of the Last Safe City. But which one are you? Are you a scholar, a scout, or a shield? Time to find out, Guardian.

Created by: Robby Trane

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  1. What element would you like to wield the most?
  2. What would you most like to smite or surprise your enemies with?
  3. Where do you enjoy being most?
  4. What primary would you like to use?
  5. What secondary weapon would you use?
  6. What heavy weapon would you most like to use?
  7. What role do you prefer to be when in a team game with friends?
  8. You are in a boss battle. Your idiot of a teammate is fighting alone at the opposite side of the arena and is being swarmed. You are the only other Guardian alive. What do you do?
  9. What class would you like to be? (No effect on answers)
  10. What stat combos do you like best?
  11. You encounter an enemy miniboss in the field. What do you do?
  12. Your friend gets an exotic you want. What do you do?
  13. You unlock some new grimoire for a weapon you get. What do you do?
  14. Rate this quiz on a scale of one to five! (Doesn't affect your outcome).
  15. Fallen, Cabal, Taken, Vex, Hive or SIVA? Which interests you the most?
  16. Which location interests you the most?
  17. Which character is your favourite?
  18. What ability would you most want to have?
  19. What kind of grenades do you like?
  20. So far, what class do you think you'll get? (No effect on answer)
  21. Where do your allegiances lie?
  22. Which Fallen House would suit you?
  23. Where do you find the most enjoyment?

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Quiz topic: What Destiny Class am I?