Which destiny class are you (IRL)

This quiz is all about finding out who your class from destiny would be in real life. find out whether you would ride alongside Zavala or explore the cosmodrome with Cayde, or study the evil you face with Ikora

the following questions will partain to you characteristics, opinions, and ideas you have of destiny. Do not take this quiz if you dont play video games, especially if you dont play destiny

Created by: Quinton Pepiot

  1. If a Zombie Apocolypse were too break out what would you do first?
  2. what do you prefer when wearing and finding armor.
  3. what weapon would you rather wield in a video game
  4. in a fight would you rather
  5. what out of the following colors do you prefer
  6. which is your favorite animal
  7. which best describes you
  8. which are you better at
  9. how do you feel about violence
  10. which firearm do you prefer in game
  11. If you and a team of people were about to do an obstacle course, would you...
  12. which are you most interested about in destiny
  13. which enemy are you most interested in
  14. How lucky are you
  15. which would you prefer to be
  16. which game do you really like to play outside of destiny
  17. do ever play destiny when you not supposed to

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Quiz topic: Which destiny class am I (IRL)