Destiny 2 Class Quiz

This quiz is about Destiny 2. If you just got the game and you've played the first game, this quiz will give you some ideas on who to choose and why: Warlock, Hunter, or Titan.

You might get Hunter or the the Warlock or the Titan all based off of your game-play and if you actually were one of these 3 classes in real life.Every class has there ups and there downs so choose wisely.

Created by: Alex

  1. What game play style do you like
  2. What abilities would you want.
  3. What Powers would you like
  4. What Weapons do you Like Using Part 1
  5. What Weapons do you like Using Part 2
  6. What Would you do if a Titan Charges at you Alone
  7. What would you do if a Hunter Tries to Attack you
  8. What Would You do if a Warlock Flies Over to you
  9. How Would you Spend Your Free Time
  10. What Class do you Think you will Finish with
  11. Was this Quiz good

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