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  • Your Result: You are Yandere 86%

    resultYou may appear to be loving, adorable, and kind. But you can get very aggressive, obsessive, and/or violent when it comes to our affections. Some Yanderes are even willing to kill, just to keep the one they love to themselves.

    Grea t quiz!!:)

  • Dandere,I do like to just keep to myself usually and stay outta drama makes my life way easier and happier then. If I do have a crush I usually just ignore it. Cool quiz mate.

  • Yandere. Oh man. I was fangirling over my senpai again. X3 i belive he is real!! Oh Envy... One day we will kill Edward and Roy... One day X3

  • "but you're sweet and affectionate once you get to know a person and come out of your shell." Nope not in the slightest.

  • Ohh I would do absoulty EVERYTHING for my beloved ANGEL~senpi


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