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  • What Death Note Character Are You?
    Your Result: L Lawliet 76%

    You are L Lawliet, mysterious, unique, and intelligent beyond measure. Though your quirks may drive some people away or lead them to doubt your abilities, you always pull through and cause people to change their mind about you. Even despite your oddities you have a commanding presence. If people want personal details on you they'll have to dig deep- you're a bit of a loner, though there are a few people in this world you can rely on. Your callousness is sometimes shocking and can drive people away. Most people would consider you a good person, though you can be more morally flexible than most people realize. You are willing to bend the rules, and sometimes you don't take things seriously. Life is often a game to you, a slightly immature worldview that reflects your childish nature. You are not above infuriating mind games and passive aggression that could drive a person mad; despite your quirky charm you can be domineering and ruthless when the going gets tough. Unpredictable.

    59% Misa Amane
    59% Mihael Keehl
    58% Nate River
    57% Beyond Birthday
    54% Light Yagami
    54% Mail Jeevas
    34% Teru Mikami

  • I got L and I love him! I feel like I am very strongly connected to him

    I am a loner and do not like going out in public to socialize, Due to my loner and anxiety like personality. I am very quiet in public, And I appear to be a little strange and unsocial. I also sat like L even before I found out about the anime and him. When I fist saw him I thought he was strange but when I realized how much he had in common with my personality I learned to love him and he is like my imaginary comfort friend, Also you guys can think I am weird, But I have a huge crush on L, From the way he acts, To his strange and socially award habits I think he is very unique and cute, His voice, looks, and personality drew me to him, Trust me you will love him if you watch the anime I promise :3 Also, shh I am embarrassed about how much I simp over L! () L U//U


  • Honestly I didn’t expect what I got but after reading over the discription it makes PERFECT sense. I mean, I have the weirdest and cruelest ideals on how things should go (that I don’t share with others). But I don’t think any of my inner thoughts are bad or evil because they’re for the greater good.

  • Every quiz I took was too obvious with their questions, so I obviously got my favorite character L Lawliet, however these questions were more in-depth, and I actually didnt get L, but got Near instead, my second result being L. Not complaint as Near is my second favorite character in the series

    C Chizuki
  • ima girl butt i got Mail Jeevas but totaly matches me


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