what culture are you

what culture are you wouldnt you just love to know take this test to figure it out are you irish american or what with this quiz you can find out simple huh

i guaruntee you will like this quiz if not my condolences got towards you but if you did thank you for taking it because it may or may not be accurate but enjoy anyhow

Created by: grace of hotmail.com
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  1. do you often find yourself getting really mad at someone?
  2. you are way beyond everyone at school
  3. are you lucky
  4. what kind of friends do you have
  5. are you full of music and adventure
  6. what is your hair color
  7. are you a valley girl/guy?
  8. have you ever heard the song "the Galway girl"
  9. whats your favorite color
  10. what kind of fairy tale thing are you

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Quiz topic: What culture am I