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  • im a werewolf i took it im 100 werewolf 0 elf and 27 vamp!!!

    wild werewolf Mar 22 '13, 7:27PM
  • i sware every test in the world i take on animals or vamp or witch or wolf im wolf!!! hear i come vampires :D

    wild werewolf Mar 22 '13, 7:18PM
  • i am so a werewolf!!!!!!!!!!! !! i cant believe it i love meat!!!ahhhh meat and wolfes are soooooo cute!!!

    wild werewolf Mar 22 '13, 7:16PM
  • i am an elf!!!! Yeah!! ;)

    1001Skilz Feb 16 '13, 3:05PM
  • i am an elf i love silince but to go out too :)

    1001Skilz Feb 16 '13, 3:04PM
  • vampire oh yeah!!!here i come werewolfs!!!!!!!!

    weirdflower Dec 30 '11, 11:23PM
  • Werewolf! Love werewolves. Vampires, go bite poisened bodies.

    IxXWolfieIXx Nov 15 '09, 10:30PM
  • wow im a vamp ^,..,^

    Archlis Nov 9 '09, 12:25AM
  • Wow. I'm a werewolf, apparentally.
    Ever y FREAKING test that I take says so...

    CorrineAri Jul 12 '09, 6:48PM
  • im a werewolf. but im NOT attention seeking. tho i do hate to be alone.... lol good quiz! :D 9 stars!

    slushee Jan 31 '09, 11:14AM
  • i am a peacelul elf :D

    abot101 Jan 23 '09, 10:55PM
  • I got Werewolf. >.<
    I swear every time I take a Werewolf or Vampire quiz I'm a Werewolf. I like Vampires more though...

    Twichl Jan 20 '09, 10:41PM
  • yay vampire!
    GO EDWARD! ...mine...

    nessie14 Jan 15 '09, 9:56PM
  • Quite ... vamp kool!

    xXVampireKnightLoverXx Jan 15 '09, 8:18PM
  • Well, really, I'm a vampire ninja.. but close enough with vampire.. ;]

    Grini Jan 15 '09, 6:43PM
  • werewolf yay

    homocidalangel666 Jan 15 '09, 2:11PM
  • ELY W/ A HCKEY!!!hey! check out my quiz @ gotoquiz.com/do_you _like_my_crush...ra te and comment!!!

    Dunno Jan 15 '09, 12:11AM
  • im an ELF. soposedly im BEAUTIFUL

    rayne_bowe Jan 14 '09, 10:15PM
  • good quiz =)

    Toni Jan 14 '09, 6:55PM
  • oh yea im a werewolf awwwuuuuu

    jayjay1093 Jan 14 '09, 11:28AM
  • Yes, i'm vampire

    Anastashaquen Jan 14 '09, 3:47AM
  • yes vampire! vampires are beautiful! yay! ooh...blood...*droo l*

    Kuki Jan 13 '09, 7:18PM

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