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  • Your Result: Purple!

    You are a crazy and funky person! You are the class clown and are a very popular person because of your fun, outgoing personality! You can lighten moods with jokes and can make people happy when you barely try. You are a good friend and very trustworthy

  • Your Result: Black!

    You are a sensitive person, believe it or not! Others may hurt you, physically and emotionally, but don't let them! Stand tall for what you believe in and let others know what you think! While others think you are dark and weird, you may be different deep inside. Show your real self at all times!

    100% correct... awsome quiz. 10/10

  • Your Result: Blue!

    You are a sporty, fun person! You have a good circle of friends and enjoy sports, gym class and physical activity. You attract the opposite gender but you don't stay very long in relation ships..:|

    Jack Attack 1995

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