What color would you like your eyes to be?

Thanks fir taking my quizzes I've been working good and hard thinking about makin these quizzes and I'm glad you peoples liked my last quiz. I thought of it when there's a full moon. I said hey it would be cool if the moon could be a different color.

These are not really mathematic questions there just questions for your entertainment. Sook I'm just righting stuff or typing. I need to type somemore so blah blah.

Created by: K3VIN

  1. Eyes to be silver.
  2. Eyes to be orange.
  3. Eyes to be gold.
  4. Eyes to be dark drk blue.
  5. Eyes to be purple.
  6. Well that's it.
  7. Rate
  8. Comment.
  9. So how's life?
  10. That's it.

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Quiz topic: What color would you like my eyes to be?